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The Public Run Club  is a running club based out of Austin, TX that empowers runners around the world.

The Problem:

The Public Run Club had just launched their business and needed a website. They had content they wanted to share but no photos, branding or website vision. I initially jumped in to do a photo shoot with a group of their runners, and build their website, and ended up taking on their social media campaigns as well as all merchandise design.


  • Created a website that felt unique and brand specific while remaining simple enough that the client could manage it own their own

  • Designed a logo that communicated brand identity

  • Compiled photos and content for the first 3 months of their social media campaigns

  • Designed the first round of merchandise

Web Design

The goal for the website was to effectively and beautifully answer these three questions about The Public Run Club for it’s viewers:

  1. Is it for me?

  2. Does it actually work?

  3. What is it exactly?

While feeling unique and personalized, the site needed to be easily maintained by the club owner. So I choose to use Squarespace to manage all the content and add custom CSS when needed to help bring it to life in unique ways.

Landing Page Planning Stage:
Before jumping in to building the actual website, I created a wireframe plan so that I could talk through ideas with the client. Below I’ve included the wireframe for the landing page and a screen shot of the actual result.

Landing Page Wireframe.png

High fidelity mock-up of Landing Page:



The goal of the photos was to feel vibrant and natural while capturing the sense of strength and energy.

I took photos for The Public Run Club in multiple locations. Some of the most fun to note include:
Tanzania, Portugal, and Marfa, TX.



After creating the logo and website I advised the client on their first found of merchandise.

White on grey Sweatshirts

White on grey Sweatshirts

Public Run Club Journals

Public Run Club Journals